Remaining Connected to Your Child After a Divorce

A divorce can take a huge toll on you, your spouse, your children, and the entire family. divorceIf you and your spouse have major and unsolvable conflicts with each other and can’t even look eye to eye, the divorce proceedings can get all the uglier. In the midst of lawyers, court appearances and haggling over the division of financial assets it is easy to forget the existence of the children and ignore them completely which can affect them in ways you can’t even imagine.

It is very important to remain connected with your child during and post a divorce. Here’s how you can achieve that –

Talk to your child frequently – if you are the visiting parent, i.e.- you’ve been granted only visitation rights or supervised visitation rights, don’t depend on just the scheduled visits to get the chance to interact with your child. Try to get the judge to allow you to phone your child and speak to him via Skype or any other form of video calling at least once a day or once every two days. Staying connected with your children over the phone is as important as spending time with them physically. Even if you are the custodial parent and you’re stuck at the office 12 hours a day make it a point to phone your child while he’s at school and find out if he’s doing okay or if he needs anything.

Involve yourself more in your child’s life – getting carried away with divorce proceedings and spending time at the lawyers’ offices will leave you very little time to be with your child. So even if it’s just an hour that you’re spending with your child, make it count. Help him with his homework or take him out into the backyard and throw the ball around. This will make the child feel wanted and included in your life.