How to Earn Your Supervised Visitation Rights? 

supervised visitation rightsIf children are involved in the midst of a divorce the judge will use his discretion to determine whether both parents will share custody of the child/children or which one of the two parents will be the custodial parent and which parent will be the visiting parent.

If you are the visiting parent, then the judge will decide whether your visits need to be supervised or not. Supervised visitation is done to ensure the safety of the child around the visiting parent.

You will be entitled to supervised visitation rights that you need to earn for yourself and this means building a good reputation and name for yourself. Apart from the child’s safety and happiness the judge will look into many factors before granting you your supervised visitation rights.

Here’s how you can earn your supervised visitation rights

  • Don’t display any signs of physical or emotional violence in front of the child. The child’s happiness and safety are of the utmost important to the judge and if the child displays any signs of unhappiness or fear during the visit then you will lose your supervised visitation rights.
  • Give up any bad habits that you might have whether it’s smoking, drugs or alcohol. The child does not need to be subjected to any further trauma or negativity especially after already having to deal with the separation of his parents. Also if you have any bad habits that could potentially harm the child or rub off onto the child the judge will deny you your supervised visitation rights.
  • Be a good parent to the child always. This is the best way you can earn your supervised visitation rights. Comfort the child and don’t show any stress or anger from the divorce. Help the child with his schoolwork and play with him as much as you can. Never let the child feel guilty or at fault because of the divorce.