Helping Reunify Families

Helping Reunify Families

In even the most stable of environments, parenting is a very difficult task that requires a tremendous amount of resources and support. For families experiencing a divorce, parents often find themselves struggling with half the resources and possibly very little outside support. In some cases post-divorce, there may still be lingering issues that affect the quality of life for all involved.

In the most serious of scenarios, families may require court intervention and mediation, which is the world in which the New Hampshire Parenting Support Center (NHPSC) operates. Providing supervised visitation for children and parents, NHPSC supports families in difficult transitions and offers them the opportunity to move forward toward a less restrictive setting.

With strong ties to the court and mental health system, NHPSC leverages years’ worth of relationships and experience to help families navigate what can be an extraordinary stressful period in their lives. Not only does NHPSC possess industry-leading experience, it offers an incredibly comfortable and home-like environment in which parents and children can engage with one another in a healthy, positive manner. NHPSC will also go into the home and meet with parents and children on “their turf” if coming to the Center is not possible and/or desired.

A one-stop resource for families in difficult transition, NHPSC distinguishes itself with its breadth of experience as well as the oversight provided by founders Nancy Blais and Chris Burns. Certified as a Guardian ad Litem since 2005, Nancy has a Masters of Education in Guidance and Counseling and has served in divorce and guardian cases as well abuse/neglect and termination of parental rights cases in Strafford and Rockingham County. Principal attorney of Burns Legal Services, Chris possesses experience handling a variety of cases, both civil and criminal, in a number of courts, including the New Hampshire Supreme Court.

Well-known amongst certain judges and legal teams as experts in the field with excellent and prompt attention to forms required by the court system, NHPSC is extending its reach to mental health practitioners and hospitals. The demand for the services provided by NHPSC outstrips the capacity of southern NH and ME to meet them, which has led NHPSC to develop a business plan to better engage certain sectors of the professional community.

This is NHPSC’s first blog and is meant to introduce our services. Stay tuned for future blogs where we talk about issues relevant to anyone who works with families in transition and/or distress. NHPSC is committed to reunifying caregivers and children and serving as a resource for southern NH and ME.