Having Fun with Your Kids in the Winter

Having fun with your kids in the winter

having funIt is cold and there is a lot of snow on the ground, but having fun is still possible with your kids! Here are some ideas!

  1. Play board or video games together–come on, it is time you introduce them to some of your all-time favorites!
  2. Make a pine cone parrot feeder using peanut butter and birdseed. Then hang it outside a window where you’ll see the birds benefit from the treat every day.
  3. Take a guess at how much snow is on the ground. Then pick up a ruler and see how much snow you have–winner gets a prize.
  4. Make handmade cards for residents of an area medical home. Then have a ‘field trip’ to provide them together.
  5. Make snow angels in your garden.
  6. Buy a kid-sized shovel and shovel the driveway or sidewalk jointly. (In case the snow is very deep, be certain to carve out a ‘smaller’ area for your children to work.)
  7. Create a snow fort–remember how much fun they were when you were young? Do it!
  8. Go snowshoeing! 
  9. Collect old winter jackets from family friends and participants. Then donate those to an area charity.
  10. Use your phone’s camera to create a slow-motion video of the snow outside your window. Send it to family members and/or friends and show them how deep it is! It is a lot of fun!

We know that winter can be tough for parents, especially those who are newly single and still trying to find their bearings. Having fun with your kids in the winter can mean any of these things and more. It could mean just sitting down and talking or watching a movie.

The takeaway here is to show your kids that you care. Have questions. Contact us today. You are not alone.