1) Where do the supervised visits occur?
– In a community setting
– In a home or other court approved site.

2) How much do site visits cost?
We use a sliding scale fee based on income (please see Financial Affidavit). minimum cost begins at $60/hr. We are a private center with significant costs for supervisors and children’s activities as well as a site that offers a home-like environment.

3) Where is the Center located?
We are located at 6A Dover Point Road in Dover, NH. We are in a shared parking lot next to the Weathervane Restaurant and Go-Licks Ice Cream.

Visits occur in one of our two spacious and child-friendly rooms. Additionally, families may be permitted to enjoy ice-cream next door together in our outdoor area.

4) Do we offer visits off-site?
Yes, we offer visits in the community as well as in private settings. For example:

  • Family homes
  • Weddings
  • Ceremonies
  • School Events
  • Children’s Areas, such as Museums and Play Areas

Off-site visits require agreement between the parties and court order and may be restricted by travel distance.

5) Is it required that supervised visits be court ordered?
No, we accept private cases at the visitation center as well as in the community,

6) How do I begin the process of arranging the visits at the Center?
After the forms from this site are filled out and submitted, you will be contacted. We will need both parents to submit information in order to coordinate the visits.

7) What options for payment are accepted by the center?
We accept all major credit cards, checks, cash, and money orders. In extenuating circumstances, payment plans are accepted with prior approval.

8) What if there is a restraining order between the parents?
At the Parenting Support Center, we accommodate court orders by offering different transition times for the parents for visits. For instance, the parent bringing the child(ren) to the center may arrive early and the Supervisor will be there in advance. At the end of the visit, the other parent may then arrive at the designated time and the children may be brought to the car by the Supervisor.