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New Hampshire Parenting Support Center

What we do

The New Hampshire Parenting Support Center (NHPSC) provides supervised visitation for children and parents to connect with one another in a comfortable, clean and safe environment. Our goal is to support families in difficult transitions and offer them the opportunity to move forward toward a less restrictive setting.

Our Staff

Our staff is non judgmental and welcoming to all parents, regardless of disabilities or past histories. All of our supervisors have backgrounds in family services and observe the interactions between parents and their children as well as take notes that are provided to the courts. Supervisors may also provide support and parenting guidance.

About the Parenting Center

The Parenting Center has an array of books, games, physical activities, and toys for all ages. We offer a setting that is conducive to nurture familial relationships. Often, children will request certain items or toys and we strive to meet those needs as well. We also try to accommodate special needs and requests.